My name is Alina…

My name is Alina… a woman who has decided to offer escorting services, good times, wonderful moments, unique feelings and experiences… providing smiles, happiness and a little joy to those who are looking for spending quality time in a pleasurable way… There are many things to be said… me with what I know now and me who discovers a new “me”, different each day… Different every time, reflected in the eyes of those who watch/discover me…

Life is beautiful, full of surprises that most of the time exceed our imagination. I have set out to live beautifully, to make each moment count, to enjoy every little gesture that brings a smile, to surpass every obstacle and every problem… To learn from each lesson life teaches me and from every person I meet on my way. I’m altruistic, peaceful, friendly, sincere, sociable. I love people, life, nature, animals, the sea and the mountains. I’m not a typical woman, I’m a rebel, unpredictable, nonconformist, stubborn, and sometimes a little capricious (I am a woman after all) 


… supporter of freedom in all its forms. I like challenges, games, teasing… inteligent men, intriguing and with a sense of humour. I’m attracted by everything that is forbidden, tabu, or hard to get.

My passions are art, poetry, movies, theatre, opera, music, travelling. I love books, I like to read, and sometimes to write. I appreciate originality, both in expression, behaviour, as well as in approach. I like to spend quality time in the company of people I resonate with.

I like to give as much as I like to receive… to enjoy every moment spent together… To travel together in a world full of sensuality, eroticism, pleasure, fantasy…

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